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Services and Solutions

The New Jersey Innovation Institute offers many innovation services including product, process, business, cluster, region, and development solutions.
Don Sebastian, President of NJII

Pre-Competitive Industry R&D Partnerships

  • Partners: Industry consortia
  • Leadership: Industry-led R&D agenda
  • Focus: Pre-competitive platform development
  • IP: Non-exclusive global license to partners (with a fee)
  • Technology roadmaps

Sponsored R&D Projects with Single Firm

  • Focus: Longer term R&D efforts
  • Flexible IP arrangements
  • Exclusive, global license within a field of use
  • Company IP option for sponsor ownership
  • Possible around core lab equipment, joint venture, or long-term contract

Development of Existing Concept/ IP

  • Focus: Intermediate development needs for promising ideas/ IP
  • Partners: Industry consortia, single firm, or government partner (i.e, DOD,  DOE, NIH, etc.)

Engineering Services

Optimization services:

  • Process
  • Reduce costs
  • Quality scale & implementation
  • Project management
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Technical services
  • Standards and measurements

Commercial Testing, Pilot Scale-up, & Prototyping

  • Core facilities
  • Fabrication
  • Modeling
  • Testing nearly assembled
  • Prototypes, technologies, or materials

Business, Cluster, and Region Innovation Services & Development Solutions

Innovation Services & Solutions

  • Innovation matching sessions (“speed dating” across researchers)
  • Instant innovation sessions (half-day sessions with groups of scientists)
  • Industry innovation design labs/ charettes
  • Innovator’s Idea Club
  • Multidimensional response teams (TBD)
  • Living labs
  • Short courses in technology leadership, innovation, & technical topics
  • Fraunhofer tools: market explorer & tech radar

Business Development

  • Marketing Services includes firm level strategic planning and strategic doing.
  • Optimization Services including quality, cost reduction, and process re-engineering.
  • Technical Assistance including IP, capital access, tech transfer, commercialization.
  • Short courses in business valuation, financial modeling, business acceleration, and venture pitching.

Enterprise Development Services

  • Entrepreneurial training
  • Space
  • Business networks
  • Management services and support programs for new starts
  • Professional services (legal, IP, commercialization, etc.)
  • Capital access introductions
  • Student interns/ co-ops
  • Faculty collaboration
  • Facility use & specialized equipment
  • Entrepreneur in residence

Cluster Development

  • Innovation design labs for industry partners
  • Economic analysis (industry competencies, sectors, etc.)
  • Data visualization services
  • Technology road-mapping
  • Convening services
  • “Strategic Doing”
  • Technology platform development
  • Industry standards and measurements

Regional Development Services

  • “Strategic Doing”
  • “Collective Impact” methodologies and metrics
  • Conferences