Modified Stage 2 Objectives

What To Do

Achieving Promoting Interoperability and reaching Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) milestones associated with effectively using an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system result in providers receiving federal incentive payments. NJII has been instrumental in helping providers reach their health-IT goals. To date, NJII members have received more than $34 million in federal incentive money.


  • 90-day reporting period required for all EPs in CY 2018-2020
  • Full calendar year (2018) reporting required for CQM data
  • More than 80% of unique patients must have their data maintained in Certified EHR during the reporting period

Inform your NJII representative if EPs see patients in multiple locations. Click here for more information.

PI Objectives 2015-2018

  • Measure-1 Protect Patient Health Information
  • Measure-2 Clinical Decision Support Rule
  • Measure-3 Computerized Provider Order Entry
  • Measure-4 Electronic Prescribing
  • Measure-5 Health Information Exchange (TOC)
  • Measure-6 Patient Specific Education
  • Measure-7 Medication Reconciliation
  • Measure-8 Patient Electronic Access (VDT)
  • Measure-9 Secure Messaging
  • Measure-10 Public Health Reporting in New Jersey

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Assistance With PI

Need help in achieving PI? NJII provides the following no cost assistance to Medicaid Providers:

  • Education  and Training
  • Practice and Workflow Redesign
  • Process guidance in achieving PI
  • Practice assessment and Gap Analysis
  • Privacy and Security Best Practices
  • Progress towards PI
  • Preparation for Audit
  • Ongoing Training

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Modified Stage 2 Requirements at a Glance

Measure Objective Threshold Exclusion
Measure 1 Protect Patient Health Information
Conduct Security Risk Analysis
Y/N None
Measure 2 Clinical Decision Support Rule
Implement 5 CDS related to four or more CQM
Enable Drug-Drug and Drug Allergy interactions
Y/N None
Measure 3 Computerized Provider Order Entry
(1) Medications
(2) Radiology
(3) Laboratory
(1) 60%
(2) 30%
(3) 30%
(1) <100 Rx
(2) <100
(3) <100
Measure 4 Electronic Prescribing
More than 50% of permissible prescriptions written by EP
are queried for a drug formulary and transmitted electronically
using CEHRT
50% <100 Rx or Pharmacy radius > 10 miles
Measure 5 Health Information Exchange (TOC)
EP that transitions or refers their patients to another setting or care must
(1) use CEHRT to create a summary of care record; and
(2) electronically transmit such summary to a receiving provider for more
than 10% of transitions of care and referrals.
10% < 100 transitions of care or referrals out
Measure 6 Patient Specific Education
Provide patient specific education
10% No office visits
Measure 7 Medication Reconciliation
Perform medication reconciliation for more than 50%
of transitions of care in which patient is transitioned
into the care of the EP
50% No transitions in
Measure 8 Patient Electronic Access (VDT)
(1) 50% of unique patients are provided timely access to view
online, download, and transmit their health information.
(2) at least one patient seen by the EP during the EHR reporting period views,
downloads or transmits his/her health information.
(1) 50%
(2) >1
EP that does not order or creates any of the
information listed for inclusion as part of the
measure; or encounters occur in area where
50% locations have <4Mbps broadband availability.
Measure 9 Secure Messaging
Capability for patients to send and receive a secure electronic message.
Functionality has to be fully enabled during the EHR reporting period.
Y/N None
Measure 10 Public Health Reporting in New Jersey
EP must meet 2 Measures:
1. Immunization Registry Reporting: EP is in active engagement with
a public health agency to submit immunization data.
2. Syndromic Surveillance Reporting: EP is in active engagement with a
public health agency t submit syndromic surveillance data.
3. Specialized Registry Reporting: EP is in active engagement to submit
data to specialized registry.
* Public Health Reporting may vary by state.
Y/N None

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