Promoting Interoperability Program for New Jersey Substance Use Disorder

NJII is pleased to partner with the New Jersey Department of Health (DOH) and the new Jersey Department of Human Services (DHS) in helping to combat the opioid epidemic impacting New Jersey. To that end, the DOH has awarded a grant to the New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII) to help substance use disorder medical professionals to obtain and use electronic health record technology, and leverage that technology to provide more effective care to those suffering from addiction. Historically, substance use disorder providers have not had access to the resources they needed to maintain modern health record systems, and this technology gap has limited their access to timely health information. Through this grant, the DOH and DHS are reducing that gap by making funding available to qualifying providers to deploy or upgrade electronic health record technology, and then to connect to the New Jersey Health Information Network (NJHIN), the New Jersey Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP), and the New Jersey Substance Abuse Monitoring System (NJSAMS).

Please contact the NJII NJHIN SUD Team at

To be Eligible, you must meet all the requirements below:

  • A non-profit or for-profit entity or governmental entity.

  • A Medicaid provider and have adjudicated claims from Medicaid.

  • Licensed by the Department of Health’s Office of Licensing (OOL) to provide SUD treatment prior to the start of services.

  • Receives funding from DMHAS to provide SUD treatment services, either through cost-based contract or fee-for-service.

  • Has at least 50 SUD admissions during CY 2018 which is documented in NJSAMS.

Program Benefits:

Enrollment and Purchasing a Certified Electronic Health Record System (CEHRT):

  • NJII and NJAMHAA will help you in selecting or upgrading to a CEHRT

Connect to the Statewide NJHIN:

  • The NJHIN connects you to a comprehensive network of hospitals and providers so that you can receive admission, discharge, and transfer events for you patients.

  • Connection to the NJ Prescription Monitoring Program.

  • Connection to the NJ Substance Abuse Monitoring System.