I6 Challenge

The NJ Bio-Foundry

“Creating a network of partners to develop and expand the biopharmaceuticals cluster in NJ – including cell and gene therapies and biologics”

About the Program

The New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII) in partnership with the Innovation Accelerator Foundation (IAF) will lead the creation of the NJ Bio-Foundry bringing together a network of partners to expand the growing innovation biopharmaceuticals cluster in New Jersey, with a focus on New Jersey cell and gene therapies and biologics.

Efforts will concentrate on the “commercialization” stage of technology innovation while maintaining tight connections with the many “proof of concept” resources in the state to ensure a continuum of new and growing businesses in the biopharmaceutical cluster.

Supporting Entrepreneurs

Tech Scouting:

Scout and match emerging research discoveries at top universities in the region

Introductions and Training:

Nurture and curate new ventures with both technical and business support (talent, mentors, investors and specific skills)


Office Locations, Cell and Gene Therapy Proof of Concept Labs. Read More.


Connect and expand the overall life sciences innovation ecosystem – including funding, facilities and mentoring

Want to get involved?

Universities with relevant life sciences technology including cell and gene therapy and early stage companies interested in participating in the i6 programs can apply at:

Interested in becoming a mentor for the i6 program – please contact Judith Sheft (Associate Vice President Strategic Relationships and External Affairs – New Jersey Innovation Institute @ NJIT –

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Meet the Team