The Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment

About Us

The Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program is a “demonstration program” under New Jersey’s Comprehensive Medicaid Waiver. The goal of this program, as approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), is to promote the best care for individuals in spaces such as their access to care, the quality of care being delivered to them, and health outcomes. The goal is to encourage better health for the overall population and lower the costs. This is made possible by implementing a new funding model for hospitals, where payment is based solely on reaching or surpassing set health-improvement target goals.
Hospitals can qualify for incentive payments if quality initiatives are implemented, measurable, and incremental clinical-outcome results are achieved, which demonstrate the initiatives’ impact on the improvement of New Jersey’s healthcare system. NJII offers the tools necessary for successful DSRIP reporting.

What We Do

Our complete abstraction and practice transformation assistance services include:

  • Creation of provider engagement schedules
  • Practice assessment and remediation planning to ensure structured documentation in the Electronic Medical Record
  • Implementation of Highlander Capture technology, an innovative data-collection and analytical tool utilized to track DSRIP Stage 3/Stage 4 Metrics and deliver Pay-for-Performance Reports to optimize incentive payments.
  • Help-desk support
  • Prospectively track claims and EHR/Chart Measures throughout the year to meet quality improvement target goals.


With NJII’s assistance, your organization will be able to effectively and efficiently:

  • Identify your beneficiary population via claims and quality data
  • Collect quality metric data with NJII Capture technology
  • Aggregate quality measures data to produce Organization, Practice, Provider and even down to patient-level reports
  • Translate aggregate reports to Standard Reporting Workbook

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