Civilian Environments - The Unfamiliar Battlefield

Defense and Homeland Security

Who We Are

The United States military can benefit from the latest, hottest, technology coming out of small businesses and innovators, but getting the two together isn’t always easy.  The military has unique requirements that to the untrained eye can seem daunting.   The NJII Defense and Homeland Security iLab can help navigate the differences between military and industry. NJII employs several subject matter experts, all of whom have served our country, trained in areas such as logistics, security, infrastructure, systems management, and aviation.

What We Do

Our experts can help with the following:
  • navigating the military’s unique sourcing requirements
  • develop opportunities
  • identify marketplace connections
  • innovation consulting
  • monetization
  • provide insight into the differences between the military and civilian markets

How We Can Help

“The challenges facing New Jersey and the country are complex and interconnected and need to be considered in the totality of a single system rather than in isolated domains,” says Don Sebastian. “NJII, an innovation platform for leveraging public-private partnerships, can play a pivotal role in creating a single system. We have the physical, human and intellectual resources to embrace high technology tools to empower next generation solutions to enduring problems.” Contact us today to learn more about how NJII is connecting the Department of Homeland Security with New Jersey’s most cutting-edge companies.

The Defense and Homeland Security iLab is a partner in Robolliance, a forum for technology associates and industry experts in robotics, Unmanned Ground Vehicles, surveillance and security to advance the understanding and awareness of the Autonomous Robotics marketplace.
The Defense and Homeland Security iLab is also leading the way in the application of Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones) in the areas of transportation, environment, infrastructure and disaster response.
NJII can play a pivotal role in bringing innovative solutions to the challenges facing those charged with the security of our country.
Bill Marshall


Bill Marshall
Assistant Vice President, Government Affairs
Defense and Homeland Security
(973) 596-3430