Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Innovation

The Challenge

Despite robust overall growth, the pharmaceutical industry faces formidable challenges as it adapts to the new culture of biotechnology. The New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII) is poised to offer product development expertise to bridge the gap between the biotech startup culture and traditional pharmaceutical companies.

Our Solutions

  • NJII can facilitate formulation engineering and compound evaluation:
  • Organic and biochemical compounds
  • Biologics
  • Upstream and downstream processing
  • Concurrent engineering

Benefits of Working with NJII

  • New, collaborative R & D models
  • Apply innovation to local manufacturing techniques
  • Better navigate the U.S. pharmaceutical landscape
  • Stay ahead of expiring patents, regulatory burdens, and shrinking margins

Make NJII your technical and product development partner and increase your competitive advantage.
Haro Hartounian
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Haro Hartounian, Ph.D.
Senior Executive Director
Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Innovation
(973) 596-5810