by Tamara Williams, January 21, 2020

Datafy and Rx.Health connected through NJII’s Health IT Connection program, although in different cohorts. This particular program was valuable to Datafy in helping them to broaden their network of relationships within the NJ-based healthcare field, and learning about RX.Health was one example of this. Datafy and Rx.Health reconnected through NODE.Health’s Digital Medicine Conference, where they had an opportunity to explore each other’s business models more thoroughly. Through their discussions, they realized that their companies offered complimentary services and that together, the value of their services increases exponentially.

The relationship between Datafy and Rx.Health capitalizes on the surge in growth in the digital healthcare sectors, including digital medicine, therapeutics, devices, etc. With the development of new medical technologies, hospitals and other providers need to carefully vet new products to ensure they are safe and effective, and that they can be utilized in a manner that is in compliance with federal and state HIPAA laws regarding patient privacy. Many new medical treatments today incorporate a digital component involving patient data,” said David Barnett, CEO of Datafy. “This proliferation of digital health therapies has placed a tremendous administrative burden upon hospitals, health systems, and their vendors to comply with regulations governing the secure handling of information. Our solution automates a tedious process and enables the vendors on Rx.Health’s platform to deliver viable, compliant health solutions more quickly.” Rx.Health validates every product on its platform to ensure efficacy, creating a level of trust and assurance within the field. Datafy contributes further to that trust by vetting companies/products for compliance with data privacy laws. The combination allows hospitals/providers to deploy technologies that they can trust to perform as needed from a patient health standpoint and that they know have demonstrated a level of patient data protection as mandated by HIPAA.

Furthermore, this relationship will allow them to capitalize on each other’s experience, knowledge, affiliations and reach within the exploding digital healthcare field, which can help each of them to offer our services on a wider scale. For example, CentraState Medical Center, an NJ-based hospital, is on Datafy’s platform and represents an opportunity for Rx.Health to bring their platform to CentraState’s patients. Rx.Health Vice President Gaurav Narang added, “We are very excited to feature Datafy’s automated compliance process as part of our platform’s added value. We validate hundreds of digital assets including apps, remote monitoring solutions, digital therapeutics (DTx) and other digital enablers before stitching them together in rules-based clinically curated digital navigation pathways (DNPs) for both fee-for-service and at-risk population in ACO and bundles. Our relationship with Datafy will reduce the time required for our vendors and clinicians to fulfill a compliance review and allow faster access to newer DNPs.”

Given the rise of new digital medical technologies (including medical devices and digital therapeutics) available to practitioners to enhance their treatment choices, hospitals are actively and continuously engaged in bringing new life-saving treatments into their facilities. Hospitals are working hard to innovate – but the process of doing so is currently very slow and difficult. The AMA reports that it takes an average of almost 2 years to deploy a new technology in a hospital or other medical facility. Part of that lengthy and cumbersome process involves validating each product for efficacy and HIPAA compliance. Datafy and Rx.Health’s relationship will allow hospitals to leverage a marketplace in which new products and services are vetted for efficacy and security, allowing those innovative, life-enhancing and life-saving treatments to be deployed much more quickly and efficiently. It saves hospitals and providers an enormous amount of time and effort, and most importantly, accelerates into the market new treatments that can positively impact patient wellness.

Datafy’s relationship with Rx.Health is one example of how important NJIT and the NJII program is to NJ. The program allowed us to connect, realize our symmetries, and bring an enhanced service offering to the local NJ-based hospital field. Recognizing how valuable the NJII program has been to our respective businesses, Datafy would like to offer any NJII cohort company an opportunity for a free HIPAA compliance assessment and inclusion on the Datafy’s platform

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