HCIS Hosts Pop-Up Clinics to Help Our Community

HCIS Hosts Pop-Up Clinics to Help Our Community

by Joseph D'Allegro, October 25, 2019

Credit to The Vector, NJIT

Healthcare Innovation Solutions (HCIS), the for-profit subsidiary of the NJII Healthcare Division, is sponsoring a series of pop-up health clinics in Newark with the aim of supporting the underserved in our area.

The clinics provide various health screenings, plus they provide information and referrals to community based organizations and services based off of the patient’s social determinants. Attendees are also introduced to MiQlave, the free blockchain-enabled, smartphone application developed by HCIS earlier this year. It lets users store health records and information and quickly share them with clinicians using security measures such as second factor authentication and biometric confirmation.

The events are held at Barringer High School at 90 Parker Street in Newark, one of the oldest secondary institutions in the state. The school is located close to NJII headquarters in Newark’s University Heights, and convenient to the city’s substantial public transportation options, which makes it easier for those without a car to participate.

The pop-ups are organized by Project Manager Ina Tubilleja. “These are a way to reduce the health literacy gap for vulnerable communities, and provide them with access to health care,” she said. “They let us give back to the community we call home.”

After holding a successful initial pop-up in April, HCIS decided to make the health screenings a monthly event. Our first monthly outing was held at Barringer on October 19th and drew volunteers from the NJII Healthcare Division as well as more than two dozen active NJIT undergraduate students from campus organizations such as the Global BrigadesAlbert Dorman Honors College and a new student organization, the National Alliance for Disease Intervention.

Also partnering with us at the October pop-up were representatives from Aetna, who answered attendee questions about insurance, and Assurance Wireless, who provided cell phone assistance services for those meeting certain need-based qualifications. University Hospital in Newark were the clinical partners who conducted the health screenings, which also had strong support from Barringer Principal Dr. Jose Aviles, and Guidance Counselor Tammy Davis.

Credit to The Vector, NJIT

Get Involved!

We’re looking for support from individuals, businesses, providers, and the nonprofit community.

The HCIS team polled nearly 300 underserved individuals at community gatherings in Atlantic City and Newark this summer, including Family Festivals hosted by New Jersey First Lady Tammy Murphy. We also gathered information from attendees at our first two pop-up health clinics. From this research, we learned that there’s a substantial need for support from a broad range of specialists and service providers. To meet this need, we are actively seeking partners willing to volunteer their time and expertise, especially in the following areas:

-Dental Services

-Vision Screening

-Cancer Screenings

-Housing Services

-Family Planning and Maternal Health Counseling

-Nutrition Guidance

-Mental Health Services

-Food Pantry/Meal Services

Any individuals or organizations interested in joining this good cause should reach out to Ina Tubilleja at

Subsequent monthly pop-up clinics will be held in 2019 on November 23 and December 23. Next year’s pop-ups are slated for January 18, February 8, March 14, April 25, and May 16. Based on feedback and turnout, they may resume in the fall of 2020, following the start of the school year.