by Tamara Williams, June 17, 2019


Malcolm Egun

Co-Founder and CEO



Health IT Cohort member Malcolm Egun discusses how FROGSHOP  connects gyms to their members through online shopping.

“At FROGSHOP, we are offering software as a service for health and fitness operations (primarily gyms) domestically and eventually, internationally. Our platform provides a dual solution; for the gym owner and gym member. For gym owners, we solve the never ending problem of clubs (single & multi-purpose) leveraging retail to increase total sales. With FROGSHOP, owners can increase the total ROI of their club’s bottom line by uploading carried inventory digitally, making their commerce available for sale online. For members, we solve the uncertainty and lack of education needed in order to make sophiscated purchases for one’s fitness goals. We provide a healthy marriage between staff and customers by allowing personal trainers to encourage and advise members on the best product selection for their fitness needs” says Malcolm. FROGSHOP software consists of three applications: an e-commerce marketplace visible on IOS/Android, a Merchant Portal CRM to handle logistics, and a cloud database to store customer information.

“Simply put, we’re connecting gyms with their members through online shopping. We’re not just in the business of making people look good. We’re also in the business of making people FEEL good. Here’s some quick stats: The consumption of dietary supplements in the US alone has risen by 64% (10+ years ago) from 2008. 76% of Americans (170+ Million people) are taking dietary supplements. These findings reinforce the upward trend in usage and confidence seen in DS. Seeing more than three-quarters of Americans taking supplements is an indicator of the industry’s success in bringing products to the marketplace that are valued by the majority of Americans – mirroring their role in health and wellness” says Malcolm who’s a former member of the Health IT Connections Program.

“Being a cohort member in the NJII HealthIT program has tremendously helped our approach to talking to VCs and advisors about our business model and overall vision. Providing us with renown literature such as “The Lean Startup” and “Talking To Humans” has helped us structure our business in ways that are deemed beneficial for long-term growth. From giving us first-class access to keynote speakers, investors, panelist and high-ranking executives, the NJII has without a doubt already stood as a major pillar to our success” says Malcolm. Since joining the cohort, we are proud to announce that FROGSHOP has been selected to audition for the 11th season of ABC’s Shark Tank!

Malcolm’s actively seeking investment opportunities to ignite growth. As a SaaS platform, a robust marketing & onboarding/tutorial strategy is standard for the early acceptance of one’s technology, and it doesn’t come cheap. Therefore, he’s looking to partner with the right firm’s that can give us strategic alliances with thought leaders and brands that serve a similar purpose to FROGSHOP.

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