Interview with Elnaz Sarabchian of MedAux

Interview with Elnaz Sarabchian of MedAux

by Tamara Williams, May 10, 2019

Elnaz Sarabchian

Co-Founder and CEO



Health IT Cohort member Elnaz Sarabchian talks about how MedAux is adding value to the healthcare industry. “MedAux automates patient and provider communication to reduce late cancellations and no-shows and improve post-operative recovery. MedAux is enabling hospitals to use innovative, scalable technology to improve care coordination, patient satisfaction, and ongoing patient relationship management resulting in the improved well-being of patients while also reducing costs. MedAux interacts with patients through automated time-lined text-messages, navigates patients at various stages of care while providing real-time clinical data to the healthcare team. The content and frequency of text-messages are guided by provider-approved logic governed by institutional practice guidelines or common, publicly available clinical practice standards. MedAux incorporates AI & ML technology to identify red flags in communication and data patterns and to determine whether to escalate care teams’ involvement. We are providing service to more than 12 healthcare systems and has partnered with Ochsner Healthcare System (40 hospitals) and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana (the largest insurer in the state)” say Elnaz.

Elnaz participated in a past Health IT Cohort which helps facilitate connections in the healthcare space. “The Health IT Connections Program is providing us top-notch mentoring and network of entrepreneurs. It is great to have support from healthcare experts and mentors in this journey’ said Elnaz. Elnaz is still looking to form new relationships. Elnaz explains, “We are looking to connect with hospitals, payers, and large medical groups to increase compliance in chronic condition management, post-discharge, pre- and post-surgery, patient education, medication adherence, scheduling appointments, and lifestyle health coaching”. Elnaz states that MedAux has signed contracts with 12 healthcare systems, got venture funding, and reached to expediential growth and generating revenue over the past three months.

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