Interview with Dr. Ami Anand Shah of Face2Face Health

Interview with Dr. Ami Anand Shah of Face2Face Health

by Tamara Williams, March 28, 2019

Dr. Ami Anand Shah

Founder and CEO

Face2Face Health

Health IT member Dr. Ami Anand Shah, spoke with us about her journey to the birth of Face2Face Health a virtual end-to-end solution for parents and caregivers to help their children through telemedicine, interactive learning, and community support.

“As a physician and mother, I was faced with an unexpected dilemma when my twins were diagnosed unexpectedly with physical challenges and I was completely helpless in regards to access to providers, peer-reviewed, evidence based, easy to understand information and support in finding another parent who walked in my shoes. I soon realized through the years of advocating for my twins and over a thousand interviews with parents and providers that I was not alone and there was a great need to create a product to address these gaps” says Dr. Shah.

“This realization led to the birth of Face2Face Health, which is a web and mobile based platform that offers access to a variety of health care and other professionals via telemedicine or concierge care (CARE), access to our Ages and Stages Health Literacy Program that offers a curriculum of self-paced courses and webinars on over 125 common medical and education topics (LEARN) and a community for support and advocacy for all members (SHARE). Our goal is to promote a family and child’s health and wellness at your fingertips by offering a comprehensive platform in ONE PLACE for families to optimize overall health and well-being in a holistic manner” said Dr. Shah.

Over 25% of children have challenges and often many go undiagnosed due a lack of screening in a timely manner.  Only 30% of children get screened for common conditions such as ADHD, Autism, Anxiety Disorders, Dyslexia, Eating Disorders, Phobias, Learning Disorders and many other conditions.  Parents are the advocates for their children and yet need to realize that many conditions Face2Face Health addresses in their platform are “biomarkers” or risk factors for children with such challenges to develop chronic health conditions eight to ten fold.  According to The Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC), only 12 percent of Americans are proficient in health literacy and 88 percent of Americans are challenged by the health care system.  Face2Face Health believes that health literacy partnered with advocacy and access to care is the path to optimizing health and wellness for all families.  “Currently, parents have to go to several places to access the providers and the information we have developed in a very siloed instead of holistic approach and that is the biggest benefit we offer our customers” says Dr. Shah.

“Our CARE component offers a customer multiple avenues such as expertise, care via telemedicine or concierge approaches with professionals in medicine as well as alternative care, mental health, mind/body, development and education to get help right away, anytime and anyplace”.

“Our Ages and Stages Health Literacy program which involves over 125 topics has been developed by over 1,200 experts across 90 specialties and offers self-paced interactive learning on the common medical and education topics that children face from birth to eighteen.  There are over 10,000 references across these modules that have been vetted by experts including apple and android apps, toys, games, books organizations and other valuable tools for nutrition, education and day to day care.  We also have a webinar library that is included for education.  During development, we noted that the top 50 websites offering information on our topics had over 30 percent of information that was outdated, not peer-reviewed or evidence based in nature and such websites had nearly 100 million visits a month.  We defined our topics by algorithms that evaluated what are parents searching for, what are providers treating and what are insurance companies paying for.  In the end, the topic 20 conditions we offer education on cost the health care system $400 billion annually and health literacy due to absenteeism and other factors cost the corporate sector nearly 100 billion annually.  Lastly, our SHARE component offers support, advocacy and a forum to offer a place for customers to exchange ideas and we can evaluate information that may be missing as parents often become experts with aggregating information yet cannot share it! We are excited to have supporters such as Working Mother Magazine and CHADIS (offers over 100 screening tools) that will partner with us including several others in the pipeline.  We are looking for affinity partnerships to accelerate our product with the mission being social impact with high profitability.  Our revenue is based on a subscription model to gain access to our modules and webinars and all customers can also pay for visits with any of the providers that can offer advice or care.  We are a natural fit for benefit partners in any company or a third party administrator and we already have deals that have been executed.  We are also running active pilots and have completed user acceptability testing” said Dr. Shah.

“We scheduled to launch in Q2 – 2019. We are also largely funded by myself and our advisory board to date and is also looking for investments and other business partners, providers and experts across various specialties and also other pilot partners. NJII Health IT Connections has been instrumental in helping us shape our business model, services and launch strategy.   During our program we were fortunate to hear from a diverse group of presenters who provided mentoring and a willingness to guide our energy towards the best possible outcome. Our fellow members of our co-hort were engaging, supportive and inspiring.


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