Interview with Cheryl S. Nigro of The Marketing Agents

Interview with Cheryl S. Nigro of The Marketing Agents

by Tamara Williams, February 25, 2019

Cherly Nigro

 Principal and Co-Founder 

The Marketing Agents 


We had the opportunity to interview health IT member Cherly Nigro regarding healthcare marketing and how her company The Marketing Agents has created and unconventional way to the traditional agency model. “The healthcare marketing, advertising and promotion agency model has been in a constant state of reinventing its’ services for several years. With the ever-growing focus on how technology can better deliver messages, offers, education and access to health information and services, most agencies have been unable to consistently offer the best technology solutions that are turnkey, easy to integrate and cost-effectively customized The Marketing Agents (TMA) has created an alternative to the traditional agency model serving pharmaceutical brands (Rx and OTC), wellness products and services, hospitals and other providers” says Cheryl.

“This year we are focused on how IoT, AI, machine learning and custom mobile and social engagement programs can bring measurable change in patient, and HCP behaviors as well as empower the field force and increase customer value. Our expertise in identifying technology-powered solutions that are designed to meet the strategic needs of a highly regulated industry, that is often mired in delay, positions us to stand out as a unique service company. And, we bring 20 years of healthcare marketing expertise to the mix” said Cheryl.

The Marketing Agents have been in business for six years and have steadily increased their curated partner network every year to provide clients with fresh, relevant and entrepreneurial marketing solutions that are developed by independent Health IT companies. Their partners provide an alternative to the traditional “build it from scratch” approach offered by the big shops. A recent milestone for TMA is that they are representing the first product designed in partnership with Amazon’s AWS cloud-based computing technology to connect patients, HCPs, and the field force with requested services to support outcomes. Ping leverages Amazon’s Dash button and Amazon Lex (along with a custom app) to facilitate easy engagement.

Cheryl recently took part in the Health IT Connections Program. “The Health IT Connections Program is an ideal forum for TMA to learn, grow, share and engage with like minded entrepreneurs who are committed to bringing innovation to healthcare. It acts like a community and resource center that is much needed in our state”, says Cheryl.


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