by Tamara Williams, December 3, 2018

Michael Steadman


Ironbound Boxing

We had a chance to catch up with Health IT Connections member Mike Steadman to talk about his nonprofit boxing academy. “In an effort to fund my nonprofit gym, the Ironbound Boxing Academy, I recently founded Ironbound Boxing. We are a veteran owned social enterprise that runs corporate boxing classes for forward-thinking companies. We strive to strengthen community, relieve stress, and promote physical fitness as a way of life. Over the last five years, many companies have begun implementing employee wellness programs in an effort to lower their overall health care cost. Unfortunately, such programs have an employee participation rate of 20% or lower. Despite their best efforts, many wellness programs are not fun, not well attended, and mainly appeal to individuals already in shape” says Mike.

“Exercising on a consistent basis is a natural endorphin. People who exercise have higher energy levels, suffer from less stress, and often equate it with increased productivity. Given the challenges of work-life-balance in today’s work environment, working out is often an inconvenience. IRONBOUND addresses this issue by providing on-site fitness classes, using boxing methodology. Our model of utilizing the sweet science gives us specialized knowledge, allowing us to offer classes beyond generic fitness ones. As an entrepreneur in the trenches, I find myself consuming an abundance of material, from marketing books, blogs, and podcast. So while I am able to learn a lot of information on my own, I don’t have many opportunities to discuss such material. The Health IT Connection Program allows me to leave the books and podcast, and interact with specialists in the various business fields. The guest speakers and panelist, give key insights into certain areas, many of us maybe overlooking in our ventures. The program gives us multiple opportunities to refine our businesses, and implement the education provided the Health IT program” said Mike.

Mike is looking to make a few connections. “I am currently seeking investment opportunities, as well as subject matter expertise in marketing & branding. IRONBOUND is a social enterprise at our core. Our intent is to utilize proceeds from our wellness business to improve the lives of inner-city youth & young adults. We are looking for clients to teach our wellness classes, and also grants/donations to support our efforts in Newark” says Mike.

Recently IRONBOUND has secured WeWork and Spotify as clients, and has acquired an official partnership with Everlast Worldwide, the premiere boxing distributor in the world. Everlast fully outfitted the nonprofit boxing gym, the IRONBOUND Boxing Academy, while also supplying all the necessary gear for the wellness company.     IRONBOUND has been featured on Fox News, CBS, and various other publications.


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