by Tamara Williams, October 22, 2018

Peter Watts


Solutionize Inc,

Chronic care affects 150+ million just in US, and a large percentage have multiple comorbid conditions.  Much of their care is received as an outpatient – usually across multiple providers – with the balance delivered in the home and community.  All of this is heavily reliant on the preparedness of those providers and caregivers 24×7, and accurate collaboration among them. We had a chance to interview Health IT Connections member Peter Watts, CEO of Soulutionize Inc.


“One constant and fundamental challenge for the patient and their caregivers is coordination of the constant flow of communications, information and tasks from the many sources providers and others – where each provider has their own systems, private records and processes.  None of this information is easily shared, rationalized, prioritized, documented or filed.  Further, in a key area of our focus the opioid crisis and substance use disorder a major problem is sourcing care.  Thats because treatment and recovery services are delivered from a fragmented cottage industry where the critical success factors and interaction between medical and behavioral health are ill defined – and vary for each person.  Real-time navigation, training and education is a critical need” says Peter.


“The main challenges for providers in the opioid crisis are twofold.  One, the necessary cross-discipline bridge between medical and behavioral health is not there there are no collaboration protocols or processes.  Two, value-based care is descending on behavioral health and the providers are not equipped for it.  This can have a massive negative impact on their businesses which are already overburdened.

 TeamPatient is our flagship product, launched 2016, and Leukemia patients were the first users.  It is a patient-facing collaboration app think of it as a virtual case manager for the patients overall care.  It connects and organizes the often-changing team that a patient needs throughout their continuum of care (medical and behavioral providers, specialists, caregivers, family, friends) – and everything they all need to better coordinate their part in the care plan. The aggregate of all activity is our Patient Health Cloud, plus a calendarized set of tasks and to-dos – compiled by the team – which puts everyone on the same page all of the time.  This helps the whole team, can be mobilized in minutes, and needs no integration to 3rd-party systems; plus it can add valuable input to the EMR/EHRs of all providers involved. 

Finally, we just launched a Provider Collaboration Network to help people dealing with addictions better source care.  It comprises network search, telecare capabilities, experts to route people to the best possible set of services, plus TeamPatient to manage the patients case.  It takes contact centers in healthcare to a new level” said Peter.

Solutionize recently partnered with Indiana’s state addiction coalition to connect their Recovery Community Organizations, with a vision of creating a connected care State, with the aim of expanding across neighboring state lines. Also, Solutionize has started working with a nucleus of not-for-profit treatment, recovery, family and criminal justice organizations in NJ that will collaborate around a patient’s case; for-profit treatment centers; and, importantly, state agencies that can influence policies and outcomes.

Peter is looking to connect with potential investors and tech partners that are particularly deal with AI and EMR.


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