by Tamara Williams, August 20, 2018

David Wagstaff


Alfrea Wellness

Health care is one of the biggest issues facing society today.  “Estimates are that health care expense exceeds over $3.5 trillion and is continuing to increase rapidly.  Beyond the expense there is huge emotional impact on people and much lost work and productivity for employers. It turns out over 80% of healthcare expense is related to chronic conditions and its estimated that between 50% and 70% of health care expenses is directly related to food choices. These include conditions like Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke, Type II Diabetes, 14 types of Cancer and many other conditions and food choices and nutrition can be a contributor to mental health conditions as well. Leading medical institutions and insurance companies are beginning to recognize this issue. Geisinger Health just conducted a major study of people with Type II Diabetes and treated patients with a prescription for food.  They found this program resulted in an 80% reduction in costs”, says David.

Alfrea is partnering with larger employers to reduce their employee’s healthcare expense through providing fresh fruits and vegetables.  “We make it easy, fun, social and delicious. Alfrea delivers food from Farm to Workplace, we offer fun education programs like backyard farming 101 and the best pesto food prep program.  We even help coordinate and manage corporate gardens and can support success of employee gardens.  Alfrea offers these wellness benefits as part of a company’s overall wellness program” , said David.

Recently Lourdes Health System and Campbell’s Soup Company  has partnered with Alfrea as part of their employee wellness program. Lourdes Health System has partnered with Alfrea  to provide community wellness education, training and workshops. Alfrea will provide Campbell’s Soup Company with fresh food and an onsite farmers market to make eating farm fresh food more convenient for their employees.

David is seeking to connect with hospitals and health systems and David has had a wonderful experience being a part of the Health IT Connections Program.


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