Interview with Emmanuel Dumont, CEO of Shade

Interview with Emmanuel Dumont, CEO of Shade

by Tamara Williams, May 24, 2018

Emmanuel Dumont



Health IT Connections member Emmanuel Dumont, “the goal of precision medicine is to drive care and advice through a combination of individual genetic risk with actual environmental and behavioral data. Today, the rapidly expanding genomic dataset is not being matched by behavioral and environmental data. Our company’s mission is to pioneer clinically-validated and personal environmental data.”

“We have started with UV exposure, a proven risk factor for several cancers and autoimmune disorders. Using high-end optics and embedded machine-learning algorithms, my company Shade has built the first clinical-grade UV monitor designed to be a personal wearable device. With clinical trials underway and nearly 2 millions of UV measurements logged through all its users, the company’s mission is to bring the first wearable measurement to be clinically-validated and clinically-helpful” says Emmanuel.
Emmanuel has had a wonderful experience being a part of the Health IT Connections Program and he is currently seeking to connect with healthcare partners.

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