Interview with Health IT Connections Member Paula Muller, Sociavi

Interview with Health IT Connections Member Paula Muller, Sociavi

by Tamara Williams, January 18, 2018

Paula Muller

CEO and Founder


Loneliness and isolation are serious issues affecting the senior population, reaching epidemic levels not only in the United States, but across the globe. Loneliness is a major risk for depression and it has been linked to several long-term illnesses. Moreover, our senior population keeps growing with a projection of 98.2 million of 65 and older adults in the United States by 2060 (approximately 1 in 4 residents). Out of this number 19.7 million will be 85 or older.


“As adult children become caregivers for their aging parents, they experienced an increased level of stress. Caregiving has an emotional impact that can lead to health issues and sometimes, may even have financial ramifications. Frustration, anxiety and sadness are common emotions, because caregivers are faced with multiple responsibilities that pilled up on top of managing their own lives. They even may be caring from afar, and their parents may be forgetful and frail” says Paula.


Technology has made substantial inroads into our lives, transforming the ways we communicate, especially for young people. 92% of teens go online daily using their smartphones, and 24% go online “almost constantly”.

“Technology adoption has also climbed among older adults, but to a less extent in seniors 75 and older. The majority of seniors, especially as they get older, need someone to set up the device for them and show them how to use it, and this is expected, since abilities not based on experience and education tend to decline with age, as well as the speed with which cognitive and motor processes are performed” said Paula.

This technology divide accentuates many young people feelings of detachment and disengagement from their grandparents. They do not know how to communicate with them, thus missing the opportunity to learn valuable life-enriching lessons.


At Sociavi,  they observed these distressing trends and developed a solution that aims to solve the needs

  • to relieve the loneliness and isolation of seniors
  • to relieve the frustration and emotional toll of caregivers
  • to bridge the communicational gap between grandchildren and grandparents by keeping seniors, their families and caregivers connected simply, easily and constantly.


“Through a dedicated device placed where the senior lives, families can communicate with them through an app on their smartphones. Thus, everyone, even the ones who live far and cannot visit as often as they would like can stay in touch.

Moreover, the system provides additional capabilities to help Mom or Dad, who may be forgetful manage their well-being. In this way, caregivers have a tool that help them help their parents” says Paula.

Check out Paula Muller Ashbury Park Press Article:

Paula Muller has a lifelong passion for technology applied to healthcare, starting with her M.S. in Biomedical Engineering in Chile working with blind people. She has also worked in Switzerland analyzing EEGs to prevent epileptic attacks followed by receiving her Ph.D and Post -doc work at Rutgers with Parkinson patients. Her most recently experience has been with Authentidate with Telehealth products and services.

Paula participated in the Fall 2017 Health IT Connections Program where she gained valuable connections with fellow members in the cohort. Currently, Paula is seeking to make connections with Angel Investors.


If you are interested in connecting with Paula or learning more about the Health IT Connections Program please contact: Tamara Williams, Marketing Support Planner at or visit