Interview with Adam Turinas, CEO, Uniphy Health

Interview with Adam Turinas, CEO, Uniphy Health

by Tamara Williams, August 24, 2017


Adam Turinas


Uniphy Health

In March of 2016 Practice Unite merged with the physician engagement startup, Uniphy Health. The joint company, took on the name Uniphy Health, and aims to be a one stop shop for healthcare providers and their patients. Uniphy Health’s platform and solutions are improving collaboration and communication for major healthcare systems nationwide. “We founded Uniphy Health with a mission: To help healthcare professionals collaborate more effectively, deliver better care and make it easier for them to do the invaluable work they do – whether in acute care or ambulatory settings. We’ve always understood that “people are the killer app,” and that by connecting dedicated people across the care continuum – especially in large, dispersed healthcare systems – we empower them to be better coordinated, more efficient and more effective. The net result is lower cost, increased revenues and better patient experience.


We do this through mobile apps delivered through our proprietary UH4 platform. This platform is healthcare’s first real-time, enterprise-wide, mobile first collaboration platform. UH4 aligns people, data, applications, and workflows, so the whole organization functions as one cohesive team. The result: improved health outcomes for patients – and improved financial outcomes for healthcare organizations.” sayAdam.


Adam joined the Health IT Connections cohort in 2015. Our program connects health IT innovators in the Greater Newark Region with critical resources to help these entrepreneurs grow their healthcare companies. “The networking opportunities have been very useful. It is becoming an important part of New Jersey’s fast growing healthcare technology sector. Networking is critical to building the ecosystem for a thriving healthcare IT community” said Adam.


Our health IT program brings in industry experts such as; advisors, mentors, coaches and other resources for assistance in helping our health IT companies reach their goals. “The program has helped me connect with NJII and many exciting startups in the community such as Twiage, Ristcall, Wellsheet. I have also enjoyed meeting many talented experienced specialists in finance and the key areas” said Adam.