Interview with Craig Limoli, Founder, WellSheet

Interview with Craig Limoli, Founder, WellSheet

by Tamara Williams, June 23, 2017

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Craig Limoli




Craig a former internal consultant for IBM Corporate Strategy founded WellSheet while at Wharton. He worked on a mental health care coordination platform in 2014 as a consultant with IBM. The project, a product of a strategic partnership with a pharmaceutical company, was very ambitious, uniting 60 distinct provider organizations on one software platform. The biggest challenge with rolling this innovative technology out, though, was doing so in a way that would not hinder physician workflow.

When he saw that industry titans like IBM were not well-equipped to design a solution to the workflow problem, he quit his job to focus on starting WellSheet before matriculating to the Wharton MBA program in the fall of 2015. He teamed up with Mike, an expert in product design, and Justin, an expert in healthcare solution design, to build out the business. By the summer of 2016, WellSheet had won recognition from Health and Human Services as one of the top innovations for improving the provider experience. Building off the momentum, WellSheet raised a seed round of financing and launched pilots at major health systems.​


What service/product do you offer and what sets you apart from your competitors? 

The WellSheet platform learns the physician’s intellectual process, the patient’s story, and thousands of clinical practice guidelines to present a personalized, one-sheet view of a complex patient that fits the provider’s workflow, improving efficiency and accuracy at the point of care. Providers can access WellSheet from directly within the EHR to maximize convenience.

The analytics behind WellSheet’s platform are uniquely human. By creating an intuitive UI that aids and passively measures physicians’ actions throughout their decision making process, we establish an irreplicable body of evidence capturing the clinical mindset for disease treatment. The most powerful resource in clinical decision making is highly-qualified physicians- WellSheet harnesses this power to make physician and patient lives better.

What do you like most about being a part of the NJII Health IT Connections Program?

Because every company is there for the same reason, to make connections across the digital health community, there is a mutual interest in seeing how each of us can help one another. Healthcare innovation is not a road best traveled alone, and the Health IT Connections Program provides a venue to meet some great companions.

Who are you looking to connect with?

We are primarily looking to connect with healthcare providers with whom we can pilot our technology. The more users we have, the more data we generate and the more value we provide. We have a proven, seamless EHR-integration model that makes activating and using WellSheet as easy as pressing a button.

Please share any recent milestones since joining the cohort.

Raised a venture round of Seed funding.

b. Accepted to Newark Venture Partners accelerator program this spring, which hopefully will lead to a pilot with Robert Wood Johnson

c. First company to be accepted as partner with athenahealth without an existing mutual client.

d. Launched live at a clinic in Hackensack for production use, proving out a fully integrated, all cloud, implementation model, and gaining access to valuable data. This was done through another EHR partnership.