Interview with Jordan Leahy, Founder, HT Developers

Interview with Jordan Leahy, Founder, HT Developers

by Tamara Williams, May 12, 2017


Jordan Leahy


HT Developers

“90% of success is showing up”

Jordan is a lifelong entrepreneur and founder of HT Developers, a software design and development agency focused on building software that will provide better patient outcomes for every dollar spent.  He credits his holistic and innovative approach to reforming health care from growing up on a small farm in Wisconsin and spending 3 years in China.

He exited his first company at the age of 20 and has consecutively cofounded or worked with early stage digital startups with a few failures along the way.  He was recognized by Governor Doyle as Wisconsin Youth Entrepreneur twice and worked with many small business organizations in Wisconsin to create a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Tell us your story and how your company came about.

HT Developers was founded by Jordan Leahy, Zach Markin, Maciek Zywno and Wojtek Zywno.  Jordan and Zach were high school classmates and Maciek and Wojtek are brothers. We originally built software for a wide range of industries but once we decided to focus solely in healthcare, we found our calling and began to really understand how the healthcare industry works and how to connect the dots.  100% of our business is based on referrals and relationships.  We bootstrapped our company which alleviates any stress that investment capital generally creates.  We plan to grow slow and steady as a lifestyle business.

What service/product do you offer and what sets you a part from your competitors?

We are a healthcare design and software development company focused exclusively on healthcare.  We design and build custom mobile and web based apps that sit on top of or integrate with EHR’s.  Our bread and butter is custom iOS and Android apps but we also do data and analytics, AI, and machine learning. Our mission for each new project is to leverage technology to continuously improve patient outcomes for every dollar spent. We work with hospital innovation departments and healthcare entrepreneurs to help them go from idea to software deployment and beyond.  We’ve built an analytics platform for succeeding in value care, care continuum and tools for providers to manage outpatient health, an iOS/Android telemedicine urology clinic with anonymous notifications system, an  iOS/Android peer-peer network for people fighting addiction with rehab facilities, and an iOS app for teens who were recently admitted for a suicide attempt. In addition, we created an iOS HIPAA-compliant photo messaging platform to help physicians evaluate the patients’ eye alignment following a surgery to treat strabismus, a team-based task management platform for collaborating, organizing and delegating clinical tasks, and more.

The difference between our company and other software development agencies is that we have shipped many different health applications already and have very supportive relationships in the industry.  At the end of the day, we believe it is essential that everyone works together to solve healthcare’s biggest challenges.  We don’t believe that the industry should be focused on being competitors.  This is the reason why healthcare technology is so silo’d right now.

What do you like most about being a part of the NJII Health IT Connections Program and who are you looking to connect with?

The people and their commitment to work together.  I’m really looking forward to working with NJII to learn how larger institutions approach design, development, and the adoption of new technology models.  We want to get on the ground and work with people who are delivering care to understand the challenges they face. We are looking to collaborate with Chief Innovation and Chief Medical officers at hospital systems, startups, and entrepreneurs.  We also actively look to connect with social workers, FQHC’s, Medicaid advantage plans and those who are often overlooked and represent under-served markets.

Have you had any recent milestones since joining the NJII Health IT Connections cohort? 

We recently started working with the innovation and tech transfer department of a leading hospital in Boston.  I actually contribute much of our success to the NJ Health IT Connections team.  Even before we joined the cohort the NJII Health IT Connections team opened up new doors, relationships and opportunities to us.  This has been essential to our growth.