Book Smarts: Christopher Domey ’16

Book Smarts: Christopher Domey ’16

by Stephanie Macias, January 17, 2017

For Christopher Domey ’16, the decision to attend NJIT was an easy one. His brother was already enrolled as a student and the campus was close to home, thereby allowing him to stay in contact with friends and family.

“In order to be sure I had a private space where I could get away from the distractions at home, I made sure to live on campus for my first three years of NJIT,” Domey said. “This proved to be invaluable.”

Domey began his chemical engineering studies at NJIT in the fall of 2011 and soon switched to NJIT’s Martin Tuchman School of Management with an interest in international business. During his studies, he devised a new system for the distribution of textbooks that would allow both universities and students alike to profit. In 2015, he filed a method patent based on this idea and in 2016 founded his own company while maintaining his status as a full-time student.

Since his company became incorporated, he has been working closely with NJIT’s Enterprise Development Center (EDC), which has guided him in taking the necessary steps to bring his idea to life. At the EDC’s venture summit, Domey managed to network with a venture capitalist who has shown interest and he is now talking to multiple potential investors as he tries to secure funding in the amount of $250,000.

When Domey graduates in December, he will have a full-time job of his own creation waiting for him, and hopes to see his first revenues by the end of 2017. He owes his success to NJIT’s Martin Tuchman School of Management.

“I consider myself to be an entrepreneur and for that I have to give credit to the Martin Tuchman School of Management,” Domey said. “In one of my earliest classes, I was tasked with creating a viable business idea and to come up with solutions on how I would deal with certain obstacles encountered. It was in this class that I came up with the business idea I am currently pursuing as well as the idea behind the patent I filed for in August of 2015.”

What did he enjoy most about his time at NJIT?

“I would have to pick the first two weeks of freshman year where all of the freshmen were getting to know one another as well as learning how to function and balance our workload with our relaxation needs,” Domey said. “The friends and memories made during those two weeks will last me a lifetime.”

Christina Crovetto