Wrkbench: Adding a visual element to remote work

by admin, April 22, 2016

March 23, 2016

by Drew Thompson, Nibletz – Interviewed at SXSW

As the internet continues to flatten the world, many individuals are able to work remotely. This is a great development, but if you have ever worked remotely you are well aware that there are some limitations. Namely, it is hard to have meaningful collaboration. Sure, you can Skype or video call, but that is little more than a phone call. There is a real visual element missing while working remotely. Well, we spoke with a startup at SXSW that is adding a new, visual element to the remote workers toolbox: Wrkbench.

Keith Williams, who works for the company, shared a little bit about the company with us. In an email, Williams outlined the mission of the company:

Started in the summer of 2015, Wrkbench is the world’s first enterprise virtual space platform designed for professionals.  With the rise of remote teams, people need real-time shared virtual spaces to work together…Our vision is to adapt current and future technologies to enable fluid visual communication of complex ideas, so that technology serves to the needs of people.

We were also able to speak with Williams during SXSW. He told us a bit more about the development process and how far along the company is.

Check out our interview below, and head over to Wrkbench.io for more info:


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