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New Jersey Innovation Institute

What is the New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII)?

The New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII) is an NJIT corporation focused on helping private enterprise discover what’s possible. Whether it’s working to solve the grand challenges shared across an entire sector or helping a single company find an innovative way to pursue a new product or market opportunity, NJII brings world-class intellectual and technological resources to bear. We are unique in our formation and role as a not-for-profit corporation in pursuit of economic development and in our agility in transforming intellectual capital into commercial success.

What are NJII's Resources?

When you come to NJII, you’ve already taken your business one step closer to the future. As an NJIT corporation, we foster the state’s freshest and most innovative thinkers.  We combine that with the technological resources of New Jersey’s top science and technology university to bring your business through its most challenging times.  Whether you have an established business or the next greatest idea, NJII has the people and the facilities to put you ahead of the others.

How can NJII help you?

Our mission is to help you see into the future and how your company can succeed and what your business will look like five or more years from today. NJII helps you by providing a range of product and process innovation services. We understand the grand challenges industries face and the challenges that confront your industry and your business. Bring us your challenge and we will apply team science and innovative solutions.

What does NJII do?

NJII’s iLabs serve as the catalyst for collaboration among the academic, private and public sectors. More broadly, NJII is driving economic cluster development, entrepreneurship and enterprise expansion.

Healthcare Delivery Systems

NJII helps create new models of evidence-based healthcare. Building on a secure exchange of digital information, these new delivery systems improve the quality of care and foster new medical device technology to lower costs and improve outcomes.

For more information on our Healthcare Division visit the about page or contact us at healthcare@njii.com

Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Innovation

NJII helps pharmaceutical companies develop and apply innovative, cost-saving manufacturing technologies and works with biotechnology firms to scale innovation from lab to commercial production.

For more information on our BioPharma Division visit the about page or contact us at cell@njii.com

Defense & Homeland Security

NJII helps address the demands of defense and national security, including port security, bio-metric and sensor-based detection systems, weapons, energetics, and material logistics as well as communications projects and security systems for infrastructure defense, command, control, and first-responder support.

For more information on our Defense & Homeland Security Division visit the about page or contact us at william.marshall@njii.com

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