Eligibility & Payment

Q: Can eligible professionals receive electronic health record incentive payments from both the Medicare and Medicaid programs?

A: Not for the same year. If an EP meets the requirements of both programs, they must choose to receive an EHR incentive payment under either the Medicare program or the Medicaid program. After a payment has been made, the EP may only switch programs once before 2015.

Q: How to register with CMS?

A: Prior to participation, the provider must first register with CMS’s National Level Repository (NLR) system.  A selection of Dual-Eligible or Medicaid should be chosen. Select NJ as the assigned state for Medicaid attestation. Visit here to register. After allowing 48 hours for the NLR registration information to be received and processed, providers should then register specifically for incentive payments for NJ by accessing the secure area of the web portal.   

Q: Can providers update their registration after initially submitted?

A: Providers can update their registration information with the NLR.  It is important that the provider select submit in order to save the changes made and ensure the updated information gets transmitted to the State.  Changes to the registration information will be forwarded to NJ Medicaid which will then initiate eligibility checks on the provider based on the information that was updated.

Q: What can count as a specialized registry?

A: A submission to a specialized registry may count if the receiving entity meets the following requirements: The receiving entity must declare that they are ready to accept data as a specialized registry and be using the data to improve population health outcomes. Most public health agencies and clinical data registries are declaring readiness via a public online posting. Registries should make this information publicly available for potential registrants. The receiving entity must also be able to receive electronic data generated from CEHRT. The electronic file can be sent to the receiving entity through any appropriately secure mechanism including, but not limited to, a secure upload function on a web portal or Direct. Manual data entry into a web portal would not qualify for submission to a specialized registry. The receiving entity should have a registration of intent process, a process to take the; MIPS eligible clinician through test and validation and a process to move into production. The receiving entity should be able to provide appropriate documentation for the sending provider or their current status in Active Engagement. For qualified clinical data registries, reporting to a QCDR may count for the public health specialized registry measure as long as the submission to the registry is not only for the purposes of meeting CQM requirements of the quality performance category of MIPS in other words, the submission may count if the registry is also using the data for a public health purpose. Many QCDRs use the data for a public health purpose beyond CQM reporting to CMS. A submission to such a registry would meet the requirement for the measure if the submission data is derived from CEHRT and transmitted electronically. CMS has developed a centralized repository for public health agency and clinical data registry reporting to provide an additional, centralized source of information for MIPS eligible clinicians as well as eligible hospitals, and critical access hospitals participating in the EHR Incentive Program looking for public health, clinical data, or specialized registry electronic reporting options. (FAQ22517)


Q: When can Stage 3 providers attest?

A: Stage 3 providers can attest using Modified Stage 2 objectives for CY 2017 and CY 2018. Stage 3 providers can also attest for Stage 3 using a combination of the 2014 and 2015 certified version of their EHR

Q: How will payments be distributed?

A: For hospitals, EHR incentive payments will be distributed over a 3 year period as long as the 10%  Medicaid patient volume threshold is maintained and the hospital meets the applicable meaningful use criteria for the given payment year.  Overall payments will be distributed as 50% in the first year, 40% in the second year and 10% in the third year. For providers, EHR incentive payment will be distributed over 6 years, with a $21,250 initial payment and 5 subsequent annual payments of $8,500.

Q: How do I prepare for an audit?

A: The documentation required for audit can be found here.

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Medicaid EHR Incentive Program

Q: Is my EHR certified?

A: The Certified HIT Product List (CHPL) provides the authoritative, comprehensive listing of ONC certified EHR technology, please visit

Q: What happens after a successful attestation has been completed?

A: Providers will have 72 hours after submitting their attestation to make any needed changes.  Once changes are made, a new 72 hour period will be initiated. After 72 hours, the attestation will be processed and the provider will be informed via email whether the attestation was processed successfully or if there are errors.  

Q: What types of supporting documentation should be uploaded?

A: All documentation supporting the patient volume calculations such as:  payment amount calculations, technology information, source reports, spreadsheets used to calculate patient volumes, cost reports or other auditable data.  In addition, signed contracts or other signed agreements between the eligible provider and the certified EHR vendor including payment records showing an active financial relationship between the provider and the vendor.  Uploaded files should be less than 500kb and can be in PDF, Excel or Word formats. Given this size limitations, the uploaded contract pages should, at a minimum, indicate the software being purchased by the hospital, group practice, or individual provider and signatures of the EHR vendor and the hospital, group practice, or individual provider.

Q: How is group or clinic Medicaid Patient Volume used?

A: Eligible professionals may elect to use group practice or clinic locations information to achieve the Medicaid patient volume required to begin receiving incentive payments.  If a group practice or clinic chooses to utilize group or clinic-level information for their patient volume calculations, all providers attesting for that group MUST use the same patient volume information.

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