Not sure which measures to report? NJII can provide guidance on selecting measures that fit your practice and physicians.

Measures Groups

  • 25 groups of clinically-related measures to choose from
  • Report for only 20 patients (the majority must be traditional Medicare FFS patients)
  • Simplify reporting goals by focusing on a specific patient population
  • Practice can be fully on paper records, fully electronic, or anywhere in between
  • Less administrative burden, with fewer chart abstractions
  • Submit data to CMS throughout the year – no need to wait for year-end
  • Only offered through a Qualified Registry

Individual Measures

  • 198 measures to choose from
  • Customize > 9 measures across > 3 domains to report
  • If less than 9 measures across 3 domains apply, providers can follow the Measures Applicability Validation process and still avoid penalties
  • Report on at least 50% of the eligible Medicare Part B FFS patients for each measure
  • Align with Meaningful Use CQMs – use existing MU reports from your EHR for PQRS data extraction
  • More flexibility for measure selection, allowing you to pick measures with highest performance


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