For 2017 transition year, CMS is allowing clinicians in MIPS to “Pick Your Pace”. In 2017, eligible clinicians can choose one of four options:

Negative Adjsutment

No Participation

If a clinician does not participate in 2017, they will receive a negative 4 percent payment adjustment in 2019.


Minimal Participation

If a clinician “tests” the MIPS programs and submits a minimum amount of data for one of the performance categories in 2017, they will receive a neutral (0 percent) payment adjustment in 2019.

Positve (90-days)

Partial Participation

If a clinician “partially participates” in 2017 with reduced requirements in one of the performance categories for 90 consecutive days, you may earn a neutral or positive payment adjustment and may even earn the maximum adjustment. But if you only report 90 days, you could still earn the maximum adjustment—there is nothing built into the program that automatically gives a reporter a lower score for 90-day reporting.

Positve (Full Year)

Full Participation

If a clinician “fully participatesand submits a full year of 2017 data to Medicare, you may earn a positive payment adjustment.  By participating for the full year, you have the most measures to pick from to submit, more reliable data submissions, and the ability to get bonus points.

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Performance Categories
Submit Something

(Minimal Participation)

Submit 90-Day Reporting

(Partial Participation)

Submit a Full Year 

(Full Participation)

(Replaces PQRS)
Report 1 Quality Measure


Report Up to Six Quality Measures


Report Up to Six Quality Measures


Advancing Care Information
(Replaces Meaningful Use)
Required Base Measures


Required Base Measures & Optional Measures


Required Base Measures & Optional Measures


Improvement Activities
(New Category)
1 Improvement Activity
Report Up to 4 Improvement Activities
Report Up to 4 Improvement Activities

Cost (Replaces Value Based Modifier) – This Category is not applicable in 2017 and begins in 2018

2019 Payment Adjustment

Based on 2017 Performance




2017 MIPS Reporting Timeline


The first performance period opens January 1, 2017 and closes December 31, 2017. During 2017, record quality data and how technology is used to support the practice.

Submit Data:

Potentially earn a positive payment adjustment under MIPS by sending in data about the care provided and how the practice used technology in 2017 to the NJII Registry.


Medicare gives feedback about performance after data is submitted.


Possibly earn a positive MIPS payment adjustment in 2019 if you submit your 2017 data.

Individual vs Group Reporting

Report as an individual

If you report as an individual, your payment adjustment will be based on your performance.

An individual is defined as a single clinician, identified by a single National Provider Identifier (NPI) number tied to a single Tax Identification Number (TIN).

Report with a group

Each eligible clinician participating in MIPS via a group will receive a payment adjustment based on the group’s performance.

A group is defined as a single Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) with 2 or more eligible clinicians (including at least one MIPS eligible clinician), as identified by their National Provider Identifiers (NPI).

Between April 1 through June 30, 2017, registration is open for groups planning to participate in MIPS via the CMS Web Interface or Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) for MIPS survey. Only these 2 submission options require registration.


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