Measures by Specialty

Not sure which measures to report? NJII can provide guidance on selecting measures that fit your practice and physicians.


  • Must choose 6 measures to report, or a specialty measure set, for a minimum of 90 days
  • No domain requirements
  • Must choose AT LEAST 1 outcome measure.
    • If no outcome measure is applicable, must choose 1 high priority measure.
  • 243 registry measures to choose from
  • Report on 50% of all payers for 2017

Advancing Care Information

  • Required to use certified EHR technology (either 2014 or 2015)
  • Choose to report customizable measures to reflect how they use the technology
  • Must report on all base score measures (4 or 5, depending on CEHRT), for a minimum of 90 days
  • To maximize score, report on performance and bonus measures

Improvement Activities

  • Attest by indicating “yes” or 1 patient, to each activity that meets the 90-day requirement
  • Select activities that match practice goals
  • Select a combination of high and medium weighted activities to meet the 40 points
  • 92 activities to choose from in 9 subcategories


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