Measures by Specialty

Not sure which measures to report? NJII can provide guidance on selecting measures that fit your practice and physicians.


  • 248 registry and 54 EHR based measures to choose from
  • Must choose 6 measures to report, or a specialty measure set
  • Full year reporting
  • No domain requirements
  • Must choose AT LEAST 1 outcome measure
    • If no outcome measure is applicable, must choose 1 high priority measure
  • Report on 60% of all payers for 2018

Promoting Interoperability

  • Required to use certified EHR technology (either 2014 or 2015)
  • Choose to report customizable measures to reflect how they use the technology
  • Must report on all base score measures (4 or 5, depending on CEHRT), for a minimum of 90 days
  • Report on base, performance, and bonus measures
  • Available Hardship Exemption Application (due December 31, 2018)

Improvement Activities

  • 112 activities available to choose from
  • Report on a combination of High or Medium weighted activities
  • Attest by indicating “yes” to each activity that meets the 90-day requirement
  • Patient Centered Medical Home practices receive full credit


  • Calculated by CMS on administrative claims data
  • Full year reporting
  • Cost category will be calculated from the average of the following measures:
    • Medicare Spending per Beneficiary (MSPB)
    • Total per Capita Cost Measures


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