Healthcare Delivery Systems

About Us

If innovation is needed anywhere, it’s healthcare. Escalating costs, inefficiencies, and patient frustration do nothing to improve health. The NJII HealthCare Delivery Systems iLab can pair New Jersey’s top innovators with companies who want to change the face of healthcare.

What We Do

  • Data analytics
  • Electronic medical records
  • Patient privacy
  • Business process acceleration
  • Automated billing & payment
  • Clinical service improvement


  • Improved patient outcomes at lower costs
  • Personalized treatment via Evidence-based Medicine
  • Focus on the Patient, not the Paperwork
  • Technology to lower costs and improve outcomes
  • Ensure patient privacy and quality of care

We're helping healthcare providers meet the challenge of exchanging patient information to improve the quality of care while eliminating inefficiencies in their business systems.
Tom Gregorio


Tomas Gregorio
Senior Vice President
Healthcare Division
(973) 596-5857