NJII Hosts Canada Health Innovation Day

NJII Hosts Canada Health Innovation Day

by admin, March 28, 2018

Collaboration between Consulate General of Canada in New York (CNGNY) and
major United States health systems seeks to advance health technology

Newark, March 27, 2018 – The New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII), a New Jersey Institute of Technology Corporation, is hosting a Canada Health Innovation Day Wednesday, March 28, in collaboration with the Consulate General of Canada in New York (CNGNY).

The consulate is organizing a series of innovation days with major regional hospital systems, Fortune 500 companies and Canadian Entrepreneurs interested in disruptive technology in digital health. It is hoped that the meeting will lead to strategic partnerships, co-development and investment opportunities, where the parties will be able to take advantage of cross-border opportunities and leverage Canada’s cost-effective R&D and deep talent pool.

“Finding opportunities to lower healthcare costs and improve care quality through technology are areas of vital interested for both the United States and Canada,” said Vincent Finn, trade commissioner, Consulate General of Canada, New York and Philadelphia. “The consulate looks forward to hearing the ideas from the Canadian companies that may one day reshape how healthcare is delivered in both countries.”

The Canadian entrepreneurs are part of the Canadian Technology Accelerator for Health IT (CTA) program that CNGNY manages in Philadelphia for high potential Canadian Health IT companies looking to do business in the United States.

“It is our pleasure to help further advances in health information technology in the United States and Canada,” said Tomas Gregorio, senior executive director of NJII’s Healthcare Delivery Systems iLab. “The free exchange of information in digital health strengthens the ties between our two countries and creates opportunities to improve the health of countless numbers of people.”

The meeting will be attended by executives from Hackensack MeridianHealth, NJII and the CNGNY as well as representatives from several Canadian healthcare startup companies that will provide live demonstrations of their products to the panel. At the end of the meeting, the panel will review the presentations and determine next steps to be taken with companies whose solutions are determined to have an opportunity for further development discussions.

The CTA offers the Canadian companies six months of market immersion in the U.S., providing guidance in developing and refining their market entry strategy, connecting them to new markets and sources of finance and helping with introductions to U.S. healthcare providers such as hospitals, insurers, research centers, bio pharma and medical device companies. The Canadian companies are selected in a competitive process which stresses products that have already been successfully adopted in Canada and are market ready.

The CTA currently has 40 companies in its portfolio and is set to grow that each year as we recruit more companies. As a result we believe the CTA can also provide a valuable window into innovation in Canada for organizations engaged in healthcare transformation.